Turkey Drumsticks, Thanksgiving Pre Order

Brunty Farms takes great pride in the turkeys we raise. We make sure that each turkey has the perfect environment and gets to express their natural behaviors. Our turkeys receive adequate pasture to forage for clover, grasses, weeds, seeds, and insects. During peak season they consume about 30% of their diet from what they find out on pastures. The remainder of their diet is non-GMO whole grains from local farmers. Brunty Farms believes in humanely raised birds and we do not practice and beak trimming, snood trimming, or toe trimming.


Turkey Drumsticks: 1/pk


Our Turkey Drumsticks come packaged 1/package and average around 1#/package.


They are the perfect ingredient for making your Thanksgiving turkey ahead of time!



Turkey Drumsticks, Thanksgiving Pre Order

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