Whole Turkey Breast, Brunty Farms, Thanksgiving Deposit

Brunty Farms takes great pride in our Thanksgiving turkeys. Each turkey has the perfect environment to free range and gets to express their natural behaviors. Our turkeys receive adequate pasture to forage for clover, grasses, weeds, seeds, and insects. The remainder of their diet is whole grains from local farmers containing no animal byproducts.


THIS IS TO RESERVE YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY BREAST & PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT.  Your balance will be due upon pickup or delivery.


Whole Turkey Breast, Bone In-Skin On: $9.49/lb


Freshly processed, never frozen.


A great option for the crowd that prefers all white meat, but doesn't want to cook a whole bird. Also a great alternative for a smaller gathering.


Available weight ranges:

  • 4-6#
  • 7-9#



We can only guarantee a specific weight range, not an exact weight. Upon pickup we will do our best to accommodate any requests.


Whole Turkey Breast, Brunty Farms, Thanksgiving Deposit

  • *The prices listed for our products are very close approximations to the actual total. Because our meats are processed fresh from the farm, the size of our cuts may change daily. Please understand that your total amount will be calculated after we prepare your order and that there will be a balance due upon pick up.