Interrobang Espresso Blend, Akron Coffee Roasters, 10oz

Freshly roasted beans from Akron Coffee Roasters, located in Akron, Ohio!


From AKR:


Interrobang is blended and roasted with espresso in mind. But, we didn't want a blend that only tasted great through a multi-thousand dollar machine. Interrobang is for anyone looking for a full-bodied, darker coffee with plenty of origin flavor that brews up well no matter how you do it. The components and ratios will change to reflect the seasonality of the coffees we buy throughout the year.


We call it an espresso blend and it shines bright when pulled well. But we also enjoy Interrobang prepared in larger batch and pour over brews. Heavy chocolate and candy notes fill the palate. There's even a bit of a lingering citrus aftertaste. Full-bodied, robust, but with a delicate side.


10 oz.


Interrobang Espresso Blend, Akron Coffee Roasters, 10oz

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