Nitrate Free Ham, Easter Deposit

THIS IS TO RESERVE YOUR EASTER HAM & PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT. Your balance will be due upon pick up.


Semi Bone In Hams [non-sliced], $6.99/lb*


Spiral Sliced, Semi Bone In Hams, $8.49/lb*


A ham that will steal the show! Our Brunty Farms hams come from pasture raised hogs, are hickory smoked fresh with real wood, contain no synthetic nitrates or nitrites, are gluten free and dairy free!


  • Half hams are 7-10 lbs. Whole hams are 14-20 lbs.


  • Spiral Sliced option available!



  • Hams are fully cooked from the smoking process. Warming instructions will be provided with each order.


  • We cannot guarantee any specific weight. Please do not ask. We do our very best to accommodate the weight range requested.

Nitrate Free Ham, Easter Deposit

  • *The prices listed for our products are very close approximations to the actual total. Because our meats are processed fresh from the farm, the size of our cuts may change daily. Please understand that your total amount will be calculated after we prepare your order and that there will be a balance due upon pick up.